Big Fat Kick


A huge Tama Starclassic 24″ kick drum with rumbling lows and a defined attack offering seven microphone choices.



Detailed multivelocity samples of one of Tama’s most famous kick drums; the Starclassic maple. This 24″ drum has been meticulously sampled using five different microphones inside the shell, as well as a vintage Neumann U87 outside and an AKG C451EB overhead. This is a massive drum and sounds HUGE. At 24″ x 18″ this kick has all the bottom end you could ever need, with just the right amount of attack. This drum has been meticulously recorded using the following microphones:

• Audix D6
• Shure Beta 52a
• AKG D112
• Sennheiser MD421
• Audix D4
• Neumann U87 (Outside front head)
• AKG C451EB (Overhead)

This pack includes:
24bit WAV samples: Processed and Unprocessed hits for each microphone
Slate Trigger TCI files for each microphone
Logic Pro .exs Sampler instrument for each microphone


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