Rock Snare Pack 2


Three snare drums sampled in tunings across Fat, Medium and Tight. Perfect for producers, mixers and instrumentalists looking for hard hitting rock snare sounds.



Three snare drums sampled in different tunings across Fat, Medium and Tight.

These snare drums have been meticulously sampled and are perfect for musicians, producers and mix engineers. These samples are ideal for those who need a solid snare drum with a sharp crack in multiple tunings.

Brass Snare 2: 14 x 5.5″ Yamaha Nouveau Snare

Wooden Snare 1: 14 x 6.5″ Pearl Free Floating Snare

Steel Snare 2: 14 x 5″ Chad Smith Signature Snare

This pack includes:

1800+ 24bit WAV samples: Processed, Unprocessed, Top Snare (SM57), Top Snare (Audix i5), Bottom Snare (Beta 57), Overheads (C451EBs), Room (U87s)

Slate Trigger TCI files for each drum and microphone

Logic Pro .exs Sampler instrument for each drum


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